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Just a quick recording of different things I've been tryin... Not the best and I screw up a few times, but um yeah... lol







































Personal Queue
CSR Name Form ID Coach Date Reason for no monitor
Jane Doe 20101001v9999999 Coach 1 01/10/2010
John Doe 20101001v9999998 Coach 2 01/10/2010
Jane Doe 20101001v9999997 Coach 3 01/10/2010
John Doe 20101001v9999996 Coach 4 01/10/2010
Jane Doe 20101001v9999995 Coach 5 01/10/2010
John Doe 20101001v9999994 Coach 1 01/10/2010
Jane Doe 20101001v9999993 Coach 2 01/10/2010
John Doe 20101001v9999992 Coach 3 01/10/2010
Jane Doe 20101001v9999991 Coach 4 01/10/2010
John Doe 20101001v9999990 Coach 5 01/10/2010