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Delivery Maintenance

Submitter Information Your First Name                     Your Last Name             

Phone #                                    Ext     

CC on Email Confirmation   (First AND Last Name.  Must be CE Employee)

Customer Information Client Master Name

Company Name (Limit 30 Characters)

Contracting Division

Account Type National Local

Parent #                                          Customer #

FKA #                                             Ship to ID/Prompt 1 Value

Check all that apply:  Order Pending EWay EDI Multi-Vendor Customer

Delivery Attribute Information Location Type                                      Special Handling

Signature Required No Yes                                   Accept WMS Freight Charge No Yes

To request Scan Level, Third Party OK, or Manifest Page Break Updates, please contact your local transportation team.

Dock Attributes

To change Dock Attributes (Standard Dock, Appointment Required) the Location Type must be "Dock."

Standard Dock Type Yes No

Appointment Required Yes No

Contact Name

Contact Phone                           Ext

Security Attribute Information Badge Required                                 Note

X-Ray Required                                 Note

Metal Detection Required                   Note

Escort Required                                 Note

Background Check Required             Note

Delivery Document Information Pack List   Priced Pack List

Shipped Order Invoice   Customer Manifest

Customer Return

Pack List in Box Yes No

Delivery Schedule Information Delivery Recurrence   Every

Delivery Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Start Date

Customer Hours to

Delivery Window 1 to

Delivery Window 2 to

Allow Customer Override

Reschedule Code

Update Holidays YesNo

                                          Labor Day MX                          Thanksgiving CN

MLK Jr.                                                      Pioneer Day                                         Veterans Day

Fat Tuesday                                                 Victoria Day                              Revolution Day

Constitution Day                               Flag Day                                               

President's Day                                            Canada Day                               

Holy Thursday                                                                  

Good Friday                                                                                             

Benito Juarez Day                             Independence Day MX Boxing Day

Easter Monday                                 Columbus Day                                        New Years Eve




Comments for AIM Team

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